Thursday, October 28, 2021

Talking Historical Trainwrecks on The Open Highway Podcast

I've been listening to The Open Highway Podcast with Eric Erickson.

He's got an incredible talent for interviewing people, and he needed every bit of it today.
Because he interviewed me.

Some highlights:

1. That time I told him patriotism should be more like Tylenol and less like heroin.

2. The awkward moment when I used my history degree to compare the Founding Fathers to the Avengers.

3. And when I suggested we elect people to Congress the same way we get juries - just pick 12 names out of a hat in each district. We can't do worse...

I'm inclined to tell you to ignore my episode and work your way through his back catalog where he covers issues of real substance like America's recent wars and the effect on our veterans, or how cancel culture took out an innocent chicken farmer.

Always an option. And you should definitely follow this thought-provoking podcast. Like the open highway itself, the journey will refresh your soul, and you never know where you'll end up.

For today, though, you might just have a little fun with my considered historical assessment of Franklin D. Roosevelt:

"Wow. What a douchebag."

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