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I’m willing to bet you’re not the only history nerd you know. Tell your like-minded companions about History’s Trainwrecks, and let’s bring them aboard.

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Reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, which I am assured is important, would be a big help.

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The History's Trainwrecks Depot
History’s Trainwrecks has a Merchandise Depot, where you can get things like a coffee mug emblazoned with our logo or a T-shirt or hoodie with your favorite Tip #257, like “Don’t Let Ernest Hemingway Write Mother’s Day Cards” or “Despots Do Not Like Constant Nagging.”

They’re real conversation starters. Trust me. 

All proceeds from the sales go to support us.

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But remember, there is never any fee to get our standard content. We are history nerds here, and we love history.

Our posts and podcast episodes will always be free, so that like-minded companions the world over can learn the stuff they never taught us in history class, and the other 257 reasons we do what we do.

Thank you so much. We could not do this without you.

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