Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Podcast Episode 67 - Valley Forge - Almost A Trainwreck - Conclusion

The Conway Cabal had been beaten.

This unholy trinity of general slimeballs—General Horatio Gates, General Thomas Mifflin, and General Thomas Conway—had schemed to get rid of George Washington, his best generals, his staff of wunderkind (Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and the Marquis de Lafayette), and then take over the Continental Army, which was huddled at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778.

George Washington proved himself to be no slouch at politics, using a combination of judicious silence, imposing dignity, and a Congressional delegation that came to visit the army’s winter headquarters and see for itself what was really going on to cut the cabal off at the knees.

With all that behind him and the weather getting better, George had to turn his attention to planning a campaign. There was a universal expectation that the army would spring out of its winter quarters (pun intended) and take the fight to the British. The Howe brothers were homeward bound, a new commanding general was appointed (Henry Clinton), and the French were on their way to help out.

But was the army ready for a fight?

Monday, March 18, 2024

Podcast Episode 66 - Valley Forge - Almost A Trainwreck - Part III

 Supplies are running low and snow is running high at Valley Forge, along with desertions and resignations. The remaining officers are sqabbling amongst themselves and the Congress is nearly no use at all, having fallen under the sway of the slimy and traitorous Conway Cabal. This band of cowardly malefactors has one goal—remove George Washington and his generals and take over the Continental Army.

Along the way, they also come up with a plan to invade and conquer Canada, that longstanding pipe dream of the American Revolution. So this episode comes with, at long last, an official apology from the History’s Trainwrecks Podcast to the country of Canada.

We tried. We failed. We’re cool now, though, right?

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