Bonus Content

There are three kinds of bonus content for your enjoyment possibilities:

Bonus Episodes
Sometimes I come across a great story that doesn’t exactly meet the definition of a trainwreck, like that time John D. Rockefeller eradicated hookworm in the American South.

Fender Benders
Not massive enough to be a full-on trainwreck, these will be shorter episodes of one or two memorable incidents, like that time Huey Long saved a bank by taking all of its money.

Come At Me Bro
History nerds are prone to strong opinions, and I have a few myself. 

In this section I will invite another history expert, or my Occasionally Surly Teenage Niece Who Thinks History Is Boring to challenge me on some of my historical opinions and attempt to change my mind.

I expect these will be quite a lot of fun. For you.

These are also the episodes where some of our top-tier sponsors will get a chance to be a guest on the show and talk some shop. 

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