History Nerds Unite!

We history nerds need to band together for common defense, and thereby create a judgment-free zone where we can talk shop. 

This page is for you. 

I'm going to list things of interest to serious history fans - other history podcasts, books, movies, and anything else that might strike your fancy. 

I'm also open to your suggestions. Feel free to send your ideas along....

History Podcasts

Ancient Office Hours
If you love ancient times and all the great and not so great things that happened, this podcast is your big chance. Most importantly, if you ever wanted to pursue a career in Classics (from academia, to stand up, to video games!), this will give you the insider's view. Episodes are released every two weeks on Acast (AOH on Acast) , Apple Podcasts (AOH at Apple Podcasts), Spotify (AOH on Spotify) or your favorite podcatcher! 

For more info on Ancient Office Hours or The Ozymandias Project LLC (merch, articles, archeogaming, and more!) visit their website at www.theozymandiasproject.com.

Drinks With Great Minds In History
Grab your favorite cocktail and buckle up for an informative and occasionally hilarious ride. Each Great Mind is rated on the Scale of Greatness, a unique metric that I'm sure you will find informative. The drinks featured on the show are also rated, in case you're looking for a new drink to go with your historical knowledge. 

DGMH also passed the Skeptical Spouse Test, in which Mrs. History's Trainwrecks actually listened to a history podcast for quite some time, which is a huge recommendation, since I'm not sure she even listens to MY podcast. 

See the links below for all the places you can have a drink with a Great Mind in History:

DGMH Podcast: DGMH on Apple Podcasts

Facebook Group: DGMH Facebook Group

Presidencies Podcast
I've been fascinated by the American presidency since I was an annoying little kid. I'm sure that by now I've studied every single American President (in the case of Grover Cleveland, twice! See what I did there?).

Jerry Landry's Presidencies of the United States podcast starts with good old number one - George Washington, and covers the pre-presidency years of each officeholder and their administration. It is well-researched and very informative. You presidential scholars out there will enjoy it for sure!

Podcast Page:     Presidencies Podcast

The Open Highway
The Me Too movement takes out a chicken farmer. A dedicated Marine tells the inside story of America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and talks about the long-term effects of PTSD and traumatic brain injury on our veterans. A UFO researcher wonders if we are truly alone in the universe. 

And a history nerd you know talks trainwrecks, both old and new. 

The show's host, Eric Erickson, is a master interviewer who can make every guest sound fascinating.

I know because he interviewed me. Check out the Open Highway episode 112 to hear us talk trainwrecks from the past and the not so distant past.

The subjects are wide-ranging, thought-provoking, and never boring.

Podcast Page:
    The Open Highway Podcast

Books and Authors

David McCullough
One of my favorite historians, McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning biographies of John Adams and Harry Truman are great reading and great history. His "1776," about a single Revolutionary year, is a perfect overview for new students of the Revolution. 

Doris Kearns Goodwin
A former assistant to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Kearns Goodwin is an award-winning historian. Her book "Team of Rivals," about the Lincoln Cabinet during the Civil War, is a must-read for any student of Lincoln. Her "Bully Pulpit," about the time of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, is an insightful look at these presidents and the role of the press in politics. 

Joseph J. Ellis
Ellis's books on the Founding Fathers are required reading for me. I have used his biography of George Washington as well as his book "Founding Brothers" for a lot of my reasearch. 

Ron Chernow
Author of the biography that became the source material for the hit Broadway play about Alexander Hamilton, Chernow's books are packed with the kind of detail that makes for great trainwrecks. Pack a lunch, though - his books are not short. 

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