Thursday, June 10, 2021

Podcast Episode 1 - Trainwreck Defined

Podcast Episode One - Trainwreck Defined 

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I use the word “trainwreck” as a kind of verbal shorthand to describe that intangible quality that made each of these historical figures go from being household names and wielding vast power and influence to end up as relative nobodies. There was something about them that rubbed people the wrong way – ego, arrogance, tone-deafness to public  opinion and the sensitivities of those around them, and a sense of superiority to those above them. They were not team players. There was only room for one on their stage.

In the end, the men I listed, and the other historical figures I will cover in this show, destroyed their own  careers or ruined their chances for a celebrated place in history. They did it by choice, with their eyes open, always believing they were in the right. 

You’ve probably known people in your lives who outwardly seemed to have everything going for them, but in the end, things never work out.

Although some may find the term pejorative, “trainwreck” comes the closest to figuring out what went wrong with people who had demonstrated their superior talents, who had all the connections they needed, who always seemed to be in the right place at the 31 right time, and who seemed destined for success.

It was their own self-sabotage that ultimately cost them everything.

On our next episode, we’ll dive in to a temper tantrum that just maybe changed the course of American history. 

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